The Problem

The Radisson, Scranton’s historic landmark, which served as a passenger train station in the early 1900s, was redeveloped as a hotel in the 1980s. The original clocks, doors, foundations, stairs, ceilings, and walls all remain in the six-story tourist attraction, keeping the building’s overall historical appearance.

The Radisson’s lights were outdated, though, with high energy and high maintenance costs. We went in and conducted an in-depth lighting audit of the building to see where upgrades could be made to save energy and money.

The Solution

We retrofitted over 400 fixtures, replaced over 2,000 lights, and installed over 200 new exterior LED lights. The Radisson will see 70% annual energy savings, which is more than $50,000 a year! They also received more than $51,000 in rebate incentives and will receive over $30,000 in tax incentives.