5 Ways Access Control Systems Prevent Theft

access control systems

As retail theft in America grows year over year, security measures have become more important for your business and investments than ever. With Access Control Systems (ACS), businesses have another tool against theft.

Provide your business with a tangible defense against loss with the help of Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC. For small businesses and retailers, an access control system can mean the difference between a successful business and one constantly trying to account for theft and damages.

What are Access Control Systems?

Access Control Systems are security measures that manage who has access to a building, facility, or a particular area within a given space. They give business owners/managers the ability to:

  • Restrict entry
  • Monitor entry in real-time
  • Record entry

Entry System Types

ACSs are made up of multiple systems. These include:

  • Keypad Systems: These systems ask entrants to input a code to gain entry. You can set them to lock during specific times, or after being manually locked.
  • Card-Based Systems: Employees can use a key card or fob with a unique code or chip to open doors.
  • Biometric Systems: These systems scan physical features for identity verification, such as fingerprints, iris patterns, or facial recognition.

Each type has unique features and benefits that ultimately serve to control and monitor access to a physical space. They each work best with different types of camera systems as well. This allows you to better monitor who is using or attempting to use your entry systems.

How Small Business Security Systems Can Deter and Prevent Theft

1. Real-Time Monitoring

One of the most critical functions of an access control system is real-time monitoring. Unauthorized attempts to access your business premises should trigger immediate alerts. This will allow business owners and/or security personnel to take swift corrective action. This can help you ensure that any attempt to break into your business is stopped in its tracks.

2. Role-Based Permissions

You can use a hierarchy system to give access within the company with an access control system. This means that only certain people in the business can enter certain high-security areas. Role-based permissions decrease the risk of:

  • Inside jobs
  • Unauthorized personnel damaging/handling equipment they’re unqualified for
  • Departing personnel accessing the business’s confidential information
  • Unqualified personnel being exposed to unsafe elements without proper safety measures

3. Access Records and Audits

The ability to track entries and exits provides a valuable resource for several reasons. You can track:

  • Thefts
  • Late employees
  • Employees who aren’t working
  • Who damaged the business’s property

These systems keep detailed logs, so in the event of an incident, it is possible to find who is at fault.

4. Psychological Deterrent

The mere presence of access control can act as a deterrent against theft. Potential criminals are less likely to target a secured business where their chances of being caught are high.

5. Limiting Unauthorized Access

One of the most direct benefits of quality small business security is your new ability to limit access to specific areas to a select few individuals. This is important for particularly sensitive zones, such as stock rooms or IT facilities. These typically need to be off-limits to the majority of your employees and visitors who can damage property without meaning to.

Customizing Access Control for Theft Prevention

The decision to have CEG install an ACS should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Different businesses have different security requirements. We can install what you need for your business’s location.

The process starts by conducting a security audit. This way, we can identify vulnerable areas and recommend the best level of access restriction.

New start-up ventures might not need the same level of security as established businesses. A scalable access control system can grow with a business, adapting to its needs as operations expand and evolve.

An access control system can only work if your employees are aware of it and how it works. After a complete installation, train your employees how to use it without hindering your business operations.

Contact Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC for an Access Control System

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